Tech Investment Opportunities

New and Exciting Tech Investment Opportunities in the Next Five Years

Being a good investor is all about being able to read the markets and to some extent, predict the future. If you can tell what the ‘next big thing’ will be, then youcan take any amount of money and turn it into a lot more money. And what’s even more exciting about this, is thatyou’ll be helping to shape that future that you envision as you invest in it.

As we headinto the second half of the teenies (is that what people will call it?), we arefinally entering into an age where it feels as though we’re getting the futurewe were promised. Technology is taking over to the point where it is trulyubiquitous and the power it wields is truly astonishing. The smart money is ontech then. But that doesn’t just mean investing in the hardware and softwareitself – it means investing in the people behind and understanding the way itwill shape and alter the economy and the face of business. Read on to see wherethe next big investment opportunities will lie…

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Virtual Reality

If you had invested any money in Oculus when it first arrived on the scene with its ‘Rift’headset, you would already have made a nice little fortune. Facebook boughtthat company for a cool $2 billion dollars thank you very much, and if Mark Zuckerberg thinks that VR is the future, youcan probably bet it is.

Otherpromising signs for VR, include the rush to create new headsets from companieslike Microsoft (with the HoloLens), Sony (with the Morpheus), HTC (Vive) andeven Samsung (VR Gear). More big names like Valve have pledged to support the medium and its promise and scope promises to go far beyond gaming. So the only question now, is which VR horse tobet on… though you can be sure they’ll all make some good money.


Wearabletechnology has been the ‘next big thing’ for a while now and Google Glass canbe seen as something of a setback in the area. However, it seems thattechnology is finally catching up with the vision, especially now that Applyhave officially thrown their hat into the ring with their own watch device.Microsoft’s ‘Band’ device has also proven very popular (Microsoft are generallyone to watch right now) as have various devices from Samsung, Jawbone andPebble. As technology becomes smaller and more powerful, the scope for wearabletech will only increase. Make sure you’re on board when it explodes.


Two of thecompanies we’ve mentioned have something in common. Both Pebble and Oculusbegan life as ‘crowdfunded’ projects: ideas that received funding and backingfrom the general public who wanted to see their visions fulfilled.

Crowdfundingis big news right now and Kick starter and Indiego go seem to be responsible for a new high profile success every otherday. Investors can now get in on the act too though, thanks to something called‘Equity Crowdfunding’. This is essentially what it says on the tin: a type ofcrowdfunding where you get equity.

With somany hot startups making waves thanks to the power afforded them through technology, there has never been a better time to get involved backingstartups.

Sites offeringthis novel form of crowdfunding include Seedrs and Crowdcube. You can also actas a more traditional angel investor on sites like Here, a number ofhigh profile names like Tim Ferriss share their investment decisions and youcan even decide to view and follow them if you’re not so good at keeping yourfinger on the pulse.


Ifinvesting in startups doesn’t feel grassroots enough for you, then you can trybeing even more hip and investing in individuals. Sites like ‘UpStart’ makethis possible, giving you the opportunity to help fund sole trader businessesor even college courses. From there, you then get a share of that individual’swages and profits until they’ve paid you back with interest. It’s aninteresting idea because it gives you

The Chinese Consumer Sector

Okay soit’s not specifically tech, but there’s certainly a lot of tech likely to besold out here in the coming years. And China has been nothing but ‘up andcoming’ for years now. This is an economy and market that continues to grow andif you want a really smart financialmove you should consider learning the language too!


Nootropicsare supplements that make you smarter. This has been a bit of a slow-burning underground movement on the web for a while now, but with the popularity of Bulletproof Coffee and with lots of executives admitting to their reliance onModafinil and other ‘smart drugs’ this is becoming an increasingly viablecommercial market. There are hundreds of plucky start-ups popping up online tosell nootropic pills and stacks, with some big successes such as CILTeP showingthat it’s certainly possible to succeed. This is an interesting and certainlyvery space age area to invest in but make sure you’re working with someone whoknows what they’re doing!

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3D Printing

3D printingis another buzz word that has been around for a while. But don’t think that ithasn’t been making big on its promise. 3D printers are continuously stealingthe show at events like CES and they’re always getting more advanced. Today youcan 3D print fun food and complex toys for relatively cheap. If you have alittle more money and sway, you can print homes, replacement jawbones and evensatellites. In the future, you may well buy things online and then print themimmediately right in your home.

PODpublishing completely disrupted the publishing industry a while back and it lookslike 3D printing might do the same for… allthe other industries .

And we haven’t even touched yet on drones, onspecific companies or on the gaming industry that only seems to get bigger. Ingeneral then, if you want just one piece of investment advice for the next fiveyears, it’s invest in tech .