Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments and Fidelity Worldwide Investments

Fidelity investments is amultinational corporation that has offered affordable financial services since 1946. A pioneer in providing accessible financial expertise, the company provides a range of financial services to over 20 million businesses,individual investors, and institutions.

FidelityInvestments manages fixed income, equity, and balanced mutual funds and it isone of the world's most successful financial service corporations.

Amongother financial services and products, the company offers investment counselingand management, retirement planning, brokerage services, estate planning,securities execution and clearance, and human resources and benefitsoutsourcing.

WhyFidelity Investments?

FidelityInvestments was founded on the idea that anyone could invest successfully andhas upheld that idea for almost 70 years. Individuals from all walks of lifeand every level of experience (some with zero experience) can make aninvestment in their future.

WhileFidelity focuses primarily on investment guidance and retirement services, thecompany also serves as a full-service broker and provides its customers withcomprehensive trade tools and effective resources to guide them toward variousfinancial goals.

Fidelityinvests in the public equity and fixed income markets, making most of itsinvestment decisions from in-house research. The firm also offers internationaltrading, considerable third-party research, and credit cards with excellentcash-back reward opportunities.

FidelityInvestments also offer the largest selection of CDs and bonds within a singlebrokerage firm; these include individual and bond funds, money market funds,and fixed income exchange-traded funds. Not only does the firm offer thelargest selection of bonds, it also offers the most competitive and simplifiedprices as well as the most updated research and trading tools.

Accountsand Deposits

Openinga Fidelity account is designed to be simple and quick. For a regular brokerageaccount, clients are required to designate a beneficiary, set up a transferaccount, and choose a document delivery option.

Fidelityoffers a wide variety of accounts including investing and trading, retirementsaving plans and education saving plans, managed accounts, charitable givingaccounts, estate planning, life insurance, and annuities.

Themost basic brokerage or traditional accounts (Roth IRA) can be opened with aminimum of $2,500 and education savings accounts can be opened with a minimumof $50.

Excellencein Research

Fidelityoffers one of the best platforms for fund research, offering in-depthinformation across its fund divisions. With an updated navigation setup and anewly-updated dashboard that is mobile-friendly, Fidelity provides a platformthat is both efficient and accessible.

BondInvesting Resources

Fidelityintroduced Open Bond Market in 2004 and has since established itself as anexpert in bond-market transparency and in turn, providing the best education onthe concept.

Therange of learning tools on Bond Investing provide, among other benefits, acomprehensive understanding of the risks associated with this type ofinvestment.

TradingCommissions and Fees

Fidelity'strading commission set-up is fairly standard, consisting of a simple flat feeand over 84 commission-free ETFs. Fidelity's rates for assets are the lowestand rewards for credit cards the highest within competing online brokerservices.

Fidelity'sbasic domestic brokerage services cost a fixed fee of $7.95 for each onlinetrade and those entered through its automated phone service run for $12.95 atrade. Clients also have the option of trading with the advise of a broker,which will cost $32.95 per trade.

Internationaltrades carry fluctuating commissions depending on the market of interest.

Optionstrades are available for $0.75 per contract, which is the standard stock commissionacross competing firms.


Fidelityis excellent in its provision of basic investment education. With its inclusivelearning tools, including everything from infographics to full out courses, itprovides an effective introduction to investing.

Contentis divided efficiently to provide clients with a thorough explanation acrosscategories. This feature gives individuals new to investing a non-intimidatingintroduction to the concept and effectively teaches clients how to navigate theindustry research, what the benefits and risks are for each sector, and whethera sector investment will be right for a client's portfolio.

FidelityAnalysis Tools

FidelityInvestments has the best reputation amongst beginner investors because of itslearning and analysis tools. Clients can access free tools and services toanalyze stocks, bonds, and mutual funds within their interest. The firm alsooffers comprehensive advice as well as extensive charts, quotes, and otherscreening options.

Embracingthe Future: Mobile Trading

Fidelitywelcomes the age of technology and takes advantage of the omnipresence of thesmart phone by providing clients with a variety of apps for their devices.

Fidelity'sreputation for quality transcends into the mobile sphere, with apps thatintegrate banking services and include valuable features such as its"home-screen cards" for the iPhone app.This latter feature allowsclients to access every product available upon opening for easy use and tradingon the go.

FidelityWorldwide Investment

FidelityWorldwide Investments was established in 1969 and provides a range of financialservices for individuals and institutions in Asia, the Middle East, ContinentalEurope, and the United Kingdom.

Theinvestment platform available to worldwide clients includes equity, propertyand asset allocation funds, fixed income, pension funds, and segregatedportfolios among other financial products.

TheBest in Customer Service

Itis rare to find that a company's best feature is its customer service, howeverFidelity Investments has an ongoing reputation for providing excellent customerservice to its clients.

Despitea thorough archive of online information and dynamic learning tools, Fidelityis also very receptive to email messaging, text-messaging, direct phone calls,or physical consultations.